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Gruppo E-agle 
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Last work: Studio Azara Santa Teresa Gallura - Consulenti in Sardegna
Studio logo e immagine coordinata, studio e realizzazione company profile, consulenza di marketing, realizzazione e sviluppo sito web, attività SEO,
studio e realizzazione App per Ios e Android, web marketing, social media marketing


Web Marketing in Sardinia

Our group is one of the industry leaders in Sardinia and all the business partners bring in a strong individual experience. Having acquired skills and expertise over the years as single companies, we are able to plan and manage web projects for associations, companies and people but also to offer IT and scenic design services and consultancy. We always provide innovative web and digital solutions for our clients taking into account: visual impact, accessibility, user-friendly web-surfing and management and content originality. Internet is a new and different communication tool: a network of words and images that blend with colours, sounds and shapes. For this reasons we invest on our talents: a team of professional web designers, content managers and copywriters able to create, innovate and update effectively websites and portals content. They manage to create the design, to find the images and to integrate those with texts, putting together the right words, high-impact emotional words; those words able to sell, promote products and services, but most of all those which educate and inform.

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Il 70% dei clienti del Gruppo operano nel settore turistico



Il 100% dei professionisti del Gruppo E-agle è sardo



Il 99% dei progetti sono sviluppati dal Gruppo



Il 100% dei componenti parla anche il sassarese